Vehicular Solutions

CBU-ADI, Intelligent Battery (Ni-Cd; NiMH; Li-Ion) Management System



  • Operating in critical Mechanical / climate conditions (Tactical Vehicles wheeled and / or tracked; Shelters)
  • Automatic charge / discharge and battery maintenance program.
  • Lifecycle optimization
  • Ability to simultaneously manage batteries of different capacities and technology (Ni-Cd / Li-Ion).


CBU-ADI installed on the tank

Example of No. 2 CBU-ADI systems installed in the squad transport compartment . They are able to manage, in a controlled and safe way, up to 8 battery packs (soldier or crew).


CBU-ADI System Composition




n° 1 Control unit and smart power for recharging and reconditioning of Ni-Cd / Li-Ion batteries, compatible with the CBU-825 vehicle charger in service (also able to manage the batteries of the SINCGARS, SRT-178, CNR2000 radios);




n° 2 slots (battery-tray), able to accommodate up to 4 battery packs;








n° 1 Power Distribution Unit (SDA-D) for powering and charging of up to 4 soldier system batteries