IP Comms

The LRT-IPComms allows operators to perform their tasks using radio and telephone resources in an integrated way, making use of user-friendly terminals. The system architecture and the technologies, IP-based, make cutting-edge applications of Control Room and open to changes in term of digitally based services. The system allows to manage the interconnections between the various resources of communications in a dynamic way and is therefore able to guarantee maximum flexibility of the service and the possibility to meet different operational .

  • The LRT-IPComms is widely spread and used by Police Forces and other Agencies in security, emergency and transport.


  •  Softswitch based on Full IP technology, modular and scalable architecture
  • Digital and analog radio connections
  • Analog and digital PSTN / PBX / VoIP connections
  • Integrations Management (conference) Radio / Radio and Radio / Telephone
  • Digital integrated recording communications (optional)
  • Operator workstations [XCO-2020] for radio and telephone operativity
  • Centralized Radio address books for selective calls management
  • Access to local and remote radio channels via IP Radio Gateway
  • TETRA and DMR digital radios ready
  • Ability to interconnect VoIP users in SIP standard



Operator Terminals


XCO-2020:  Compact desk terminal

  • LCD 12 “color touch screen
  • External monitor output
  • Programmable GUI (MS-Windows) simple and intuitive
  • Professional audio accessories
  • Radio, telephone, intercom



Based on PC + external audio-box (WUA)



Based on multimedia PC with optional dual-screen + device management professional audio accessories