LRT-360 Multi-Function VoIP Terminal

The new LRT-360 is the foremost Larimart terminal used to access VoIP communications for maritime applications.

The LRT-360 hardware and software have been designed to meet strict requirements for naval systems, in configuration, characteristics and functions.

The capabilities of the LRT-360 encompass on-board radio and intercom communications, also in conference mode, along with a wide range of ancillary services like local recording and configuration of the main terminal parameters.

The LRT-360 MMI is extremely light yet effective and complete, easy to use and designed to be of immediate use and EUROCAE ED-137 ready. Each radio can be accessed independently and has dedicated audio controls and PTT backlit buttons.

The main functions of the LRT-360 are:

•  Dual Homing optical fiber LAN connection, for systems needed requiring different levels of security;

•  Magnetic connector of audio ancillary, that allows extremely quick and simple connection;

•  Function access control, by NFC authentication, which is provided by the integrated RFID sensor.

Thanks to its integrated microphone and speaker, the LRT-360 console requires no further external audio device. However, a stereo headphone with microphone and chest-mount PTT can be easily connected to the front-panel via a magnetic quick lock/release connector.

The ingenuous case of the LRT-360 is able to rotate on its back panel in 90° intervals for optimized cable positioning.

General Characteristics:

•  Aluminum case

•  Fanless Cooling System

•  Adaptive back-panel installation

•  VESA-mount compliant

•  Display: 7″ Wide Screen, 1000Cd/m2, contr. 800:1

•  Touch-screen: 4-wire resistive

•  CPU: Intel® Atom™ E3800 family processor

•  S.: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems 64 bit

•  Operating Voltage: 21/48 VDC

•  Power Consumption: <40W

•  Backlit keys

•  Dimensions: 205x205x80 mm

•  Weight: 3kg


•  RFID Authentication

•  MMI developed in compliance with AQAP-2110 and AQAP-2210

•  Night Mode

•  Integrated microphone and speaker

•  Dual Homing optical fiber LAN connection (SFP modules)

Reference Environmental Characteristic:

•  Operative Temp.: -10°C/+50°C (MIL-STD-810G, methods 501.5 proc.II e 502.5 proc.II)

•  Storage Temp.: -10°C/+70°C (MIL-STD-810G, methods 501.5 proc.I e 502.5 proc.I)

•  Humidity: 95% (MIL-STD-810G, methods 507.5 proc.II)

•  Shock: 20g / 6 ms (MIL-STD-810G, method 516.6 proc. I)

•  Vibrations: Method 528 Type I (MIL-STD-810G)

•  IP Grade: 65 (front-panel)

•  EMI: CE marking (ref. IEC 60950-1, EN 55032, EN 55024)

Front panel connection

•  Dedicated connector for stereo headphones / microphone / PTT

Back panel Connections:

•  2x Optical Ethernet

•  DC Power Supply

•  Audio Aux, GPIO (Chat & Alarm)

•  3x GPIO, foot pedal PTT