Larimart Call Manager

Larimart Call Manager

Voice Over IP system for control room communications

The new Larimart Call Manager consists of a software suite made up of various applications that provide an integrated communications system, designed for handling radio communications between control room operators and mobile radio fleets as well as telephone communications, in the professional, tactical and maritime applications. The Larimart Call Manager has been designed and built in a completely virtualized environment following the norm AQAP2210. In this way, the flexibility in the use and the choice of the server hardware is increased, favoring the reduction of costs and the simplification of both installation and maintenance.

The system is modular and can be adapted to meet the needs of a variety of command and control centers, covering public safety, vessel traffic management, maritime and military applications.

According to security requirements, the Call Manager can be provided on both the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system version 7.1 and on Ubuntu Server 14.04, and is compatible with all major virtualizers, like VMware VSphere Hypervisor ESXi, Microsoft HyperV, Oracle VM VirtualBox and Kernel-based Virtual Machine Linux.

The entire system relies on the EAL4 + Certification class in the certified operating system (Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7.1, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2) versions.

Based on a fully programmable and customizable software switchboard according to specific requests, the Larimart Call Manager architecture allows the use (and the intercom communication) of terminals located in different rooms and interconnected through the on-board Ethernet LAN (for the maritime applications) or the operating room Ethernet LAN infrastructure (for professional and tactical applications), and also geographically distributed via the WAN/MAN network. Furthermore, Larimart Call Manager provides access to PSTN/PABX networks, GSM/UMTS/LTE Networks and ISDN (BRI/PRI) networks. Depending on the operating scenario, it also allows access to analogue radio networks (UHF, VHF), digital radio networks (TETRA and DMR) and Software Defined Radios (SDR). The high versatility of this Call Manager also enables full interoperability and integration of all available audio resources by creating conferences that interconnect resources operating on different frequencies and/or technologies.
The Larimart Call Manager also has a set of software applications that allows management and configuration of installed hardware services and resources, control of system activities, processing of operating statistics, audio and data recording, playback and downloading of audio tracks, administration of web server, querying and management of directory services (LDAP), access control through the user profile authentication service.

Larimart Call Manager system can be provided with the Larimart radio gateway Radio-PRO R4 to interface four radio channels, each with: 4W+E/M analog voice port with PTT and squelch signals; RS-232 port for radio remote control (or data); analog (ZVEI, CCIR) and digital (FFSK) selective call codec; independent signal level adjustment (via software); independent voice codec selection. The Radio-PRO R4 gateway can also be remoted and connected to the server through a MAN/WAN link.


•  Full support of standard VoIP protocols (SIP and H.323).
•  Interface to radio vectors of different technologies (professional, maritime and tactical) such as analog networks (UHF, VHF) digital networks (DMR, TETRA) and SDR radios.
•  Management of selective radio calls supporting protocols of police forces and public agencies with the possibility of developing customized protocols.
•  Remote control and management of the main radio equipment in both professional and tactical fields.
•  Interface to telephone networks (PSTN, ISDN, GSM, UMTS, LTE).
•  Conferences between telephone resources, radio resources and mixed resources.
•  Fully full-duplex audio management.
•  Chat among operator positions.
•  Management of text messages between operators and operating rooms.
•  Support of the EUROCAE ED137 standard.
•  Integration of third-party gateways.
•  Selective and configurable PTT management (Combat Mode, Reverse Combat Mode, Telephone Mode).
•  Email alerts for possible malfunctions.
•  Download audio tracks recorded with Timestamp Watermark (TSW) and digital signature with the RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm.
•  Security:

– Single sign-on (SSO);
– Access through username and password and through ACL;
– profiling;
– IPSec connections using Secure Shell;
– Integrated firewall;
– Packet filtering using custom tagging.

•  Web Applications for the system management and configuration providing:- Diagnostics:

– Statistics;
– Configuration;
– Profiling;
– Centralized phone book (LDAP) of radio and telephone resources.

•  Centralized audio recording (on the server), local audio recording (on the operator terminal both in digital format and by analogue auxiliary port) and remote audio recording (on external NAS repository), providing:

– Advanced search of tracks by date, time, operator, type, called, caller;
– Replay tracks;
– Download tracks with timestamp watermark and digital signature RSA.

•  All system components can be remoted through MAN/WAN connections;
•  Complete management of the Quality of Service (QoS) and of the Class of Service (CoS);
•  Management of redundancy (based on VRRP protocol) with fault tolerance on both services (software applications failure) and hardware (equipment failure);
•  Diagnostics and alarms management based on SNMP protocol;
•  Additional services

– Recognition and conversion of audio to text (Speech To Text) and text to speech (Text To Speech);
– Automatic offline translation service (Italian  English) without Internet connection required;
– Video calls and video conferences;
– Location service of terminals and vehicles (equipped with GPS device) based on local mapping servers and maps (without Internet connection required);
– Operator Log for: automatic tracking of system events (PTT, Squelch, telephone events, Login and Logout); adding predefined or manual annotations to each event; automatic PDF reporting with customizable layout;
– Kiosk Mode to prevent access to the operating system from the operator’s station;
– Time synchronization using an external time server (NTP) or a Larimart GTS2020 GPS device;
– Interface with external management systems.

•  Call features:

–  two-party calls;
–  external network and intercom calls;
–  hot line;
–  speed/abbreviated dial;
–  dynamic or pre-determined conference and broadcast calls;
–  meet-me conference calls; half and full duplex calls;
–  PTT support;
–  Call hold/ transfer/ diversion/ pickup/ waiting/ intrusion/ restoration/ second call;
–  multi-level precedence; camp on/call back; display calling number (CLIP/CLIR);
–  Received/Dialled calls log; line group; multi-service access; non-secure warning.