Standard Units     

SC-824 “graphical” operator Unit
  • Icon Based user interface with color LCD 3.8 “
  • Icon Based management and audio alarms
  • Possibility manage of a single unit by two operators

SC-824 “Light” operator Unit
  • Basic functions with knobs and LED
  • Simple and safe access even without visibility


SC-873 Interface Unit
  • On-board radio interface
  • On-board systems interface (LAN, Serial ….)
  • Telephone interface

 IP Unit

SC-873 IP – Gateway IP for Full IP data interface and Audio VoIP connections
  • Set as gateway between IP Radio and TDMA BUS of the intercom system.
  • The VoIP call is set up and managed by the IP-Unit; once the call has been established, the voice session is accessible with the same procedures undertaken by the radio carrier.
  • The IP-Unit is viewed from the outside of the Intercom System as a VoIP client in SIP 2.0 standard, in term of signaling to establish a VoIP call.
  • The exchange of data packets in the voice-VoIP session available place with RTP.
  • Used Codecs: G.711, GSM, G.726, G.723, G.729.
  • The IP-Unit allows to manage two simultaneous VoIP connections.
  • Using the retransmission facility of the Intercom system, a user of a radio link can be interfaced to a user of a VoIP audio session.

Recording Unit


SC-873/AVL – Recording unit and logging audio video, 

interfaced to the intercom system, to the on board electro optical systems and, in the data, to the C2 system.

Can helpful supporting:

  • de-briefing mission
  • crew members training
Main Features
  • Audio recording of radio and intercom communications.
  • Activation of the recording by using a front panel button or via intercom system.
  • 2 video inputs in PAL / NTSC / RS-170 standard, recorded in sync with the audio.
  • Recording storage capacity: about 16 hours.
  • Download of recorded file via USB.
  • Image overlay of system data coming from the external interfaces (LAN, RS-232/422, etc.).

Embedded Radio Unit

SC-824/OPRR – Unit with Radio embedded

The unit integrates 4 logical channels:

  • PRR transceiver embedded (RADIO 1).
  • Integrated User Interface and Loudspeaker (same audio channel)
  • Radio interface 2
  • Radio interface 3


The user interface can be connected to:

  • Handset
  • Headphone / microphone
  • Wireless operator (IWA)



  • Display
  • MMI panel with knobs