The UIS-379 D Digital Intercom system, based on a modular and distributed architecture, ensures access by crew members of tactical vehicles to the on-board traffic voice / data and to the radio communications. Characterized by high reliability and intelligibility of communications, also offers numerous optional additional capabilities such as the wireless connection of the crew; recording services of voice and on-board video systems.




The UIS-379 D Digital Intercom system provides the following services:

  • Exchange in full-duplex between the crew members (all operators speak and listen to all the other operators).
  • Access to voice and data (from single workstations) to VHF and HF radio carriers.
  • Collection and distribution of information from the on-board computer (eg. Data on the vehicle status; alarms generated by on-board sensors; automatic forwarding of audio alarms).
  • High flexibility and rapid hw and sw updating.
  • Software’s ability to cancel different types of noise.
  • Ability to manage up to 30 users between Radio and Operators
  • B.I.T.E. embedded
  • DSP technology for improved sound quality
  • Based on digital TDMA BUS (2Mbps)
  • Up to 64 kbit /s capacity on asynchronous serial Fault Tolerant increased:
    • Absence of central unit
    • Automatic by pass of malfunctioning unit





The UIS D-379 Digital Intercom system has the following electrical and environmental characteristics:

  • Power Supply:  +24 Vcc
  • Absorption (+24 Vcc):  70 W max
  • Audio Response:  300 – 4,000 HZ ± 2dB
  • S/N SINAD: 30 dB minimum (Local audio interface)
  • Intelligibility: (TX/RX) 91% according to MIL-STD-1472 para. 5.3.12 tab. VI
  • Operating Temp.:  -32°C / +63°C; humidity 95%
  • Operating Altitude:  4.500 m
  • Storage Temp. (non-operational):  -40°C / +70°C humidity 100%
  • Air transport (non-operational):  12.000 m
  • Rain: FINABEL 2.C.10 – test 41.1
  • Vibration / Shock: According to MIL-STD-810F as applicable for “vehicular/tactical electronic equipment”
  • EMI / EMC: according to MIL-STD-461E (RE102, RS103, CS101, CS114, CE102)





The UIS D-379 Digital Intercom system has the following operational functions:

  • Access to the various resources available by just one touch.
  • Monitoring of the state and engagement of resources.
  • Icon based intuitive man-machine interface.
  • Display light intensity adjustment.
  • Headphones’ audio level adjustment.
  • System B.I.T.E. available by the commander unit and locally crew units.
  • Full-duplex audio conference.
  • Rx/Tx by radio with contemporary listening of the operators in conference.
  • Monitoring of multiple radios.
  • Channel management listening on the loudspeaker (only enabled operator).