All the antenna supports are based on a structure called “Mast” which mainly consists of tubular elements in aluminum alloy. The size and number of tubular elements depends on the operational requirements of the customer. Maximum height: 15 m

The “Mast” is equipped with:

  • a lifting/lowering system which, by means of a central screw, can be operated by a crank or electric motor;
  • a defrost system which uses the exhaust gases of the vehicle;
  • an adapter flange for antenna fixing.



Vehicular Applications


The antenna masts used for vehicular applications are equipped with a special fixing tool for to the vehicle. According to the used vehicle and the specific operational needs, automatic systems for tilting the antenna mast are also available.

Examples of available accessories:

  • Control panel for remote management.
  • Electric motor for tilting, lifting and lowering of the Mast.
  • Remote control for engine.
  • Cable reels (single and double).
  • Customizations can be evaluated



Antenna Systems SA-105 (L & M series)

Main Characteristics
  • Profiles of aluminum alloy.
  • Lifting technique with advanced “worm”.
  • Heavy use in harsh environments.
  • Lifting / lowering with motor or crank.
  • Security lock to secure the Mast.
  • High pointing accuracy of the pay bad.
  • Low maintenance
  • Full range of accessories (remote control, antenna positioning device , cable reel, etc.)